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Polo Scoop Brandywine Polo Club

4 Polo Possibilites

There are 4 possible locations for polo match play at Brandywine: Weymouth (field #1), McHugh, Walker (off campus, most shade for spectators) and the Malvern Bank Arena. Friday 5pm games are usually played on any field but Weymouth, while Sunday games are usually played on Weymouth. If it rains, Walker field dries fastest, so we switch to that location (which has great shade for spectators) and if Walker is still too soft, we switch to the Malvern Bank Arena. Did you get all that? Please check FB for field assignments prior to attending. Thank you!

Walker Field (off campus)

770 Byrd Road, Kennett Sq, PA

Off of FM Rd 926 

+39 52 32 78 -75 45 30.25


The Allee has arrived!! Thanks to the vision of Bill Chase and Michael Bucklin, Brandywine Polo's future Allee of Elm trees will soon be growing tall and strong to align and shade the entry drive of Brandywine Polo. ❤️❤️❤️If you need a tree planted call Bill Chase 610.656.6122 for the small - med size, or Gene Glomb 484.645.9329 for the larger trees. They are the best in the business!


What's a frog? Why do they roach the mane? Why do they call them polo ponies instead of polo horses? and Can I try hitting a polo ball in the hitting cage? These questions and more will be answered when you take a Brandywine Polo Barn Tour. When season is up and running, barn tours will be available each Sunday at 1:30pm. Price, an extra $20pp. What a great way to enhance your polo experience. Sunday Tickets on sale soon!



Just in case you were wondering ......Who played the most chukkers at Brandywine in the 2019 polo season? Well, wonder no more. Since we have a little time on our hands, we counted chukkers played in practices, games, and tournaments for both grass field and arena. (No Saturday ichukkers include.) Congrats to Olivia Reynolds for playing 172 chukkers last summer. Below is the top 18.

Player Member Highlight
Justin Hall
Meet Justin Hall. Justin began his equestrian journey at the age of 8 at the Work to Ride Chamonix Equestrian Center in Philadelphia, PA where he learned the basics of horsemanship and polo. Today he is an accomplished varsity team player and a ranked USPA player. Justin also expressed that he enjoys grooming, tacking, and getting the horses ready for his interscholastic games, as well as for polo pro and USPA certified instructor Juan Martin Baez during Brandywine's Polo season last year. He would like to continue his quest of learning Equine Breeding and care in a veterinarian setting. Now 17 yrs old, Justin's polo goals are to improve his swing, improve his accuracy and develop better team strategy. When asked about polo, Justin replied "I want to make Polo a part of my life's journey." Keep a look out for Justin this summer during Brandywine's 2020 Summer Polo Season.

09.06.20 Polo Palooza + Concert*
09.13.20 Penn Univ Alumni Match
09.20.20 USA vs British Forces
09.27.20 Richie Jones Memorial